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December 24, 2012


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  • Alliance for Childhood
    The Alliance for Childhood promotes policies and practices that support children’s healthy development, love of learning, and joy in living.
  • Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
    Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) is a national coalition of health care professionals, educators, advocacy groups, parents, and individuals who are devoted to limiting the impact of commercial culture on children.
  • Diane Levin
    Diane Levin is Professor of Education at Wheelock College in Boston, Massachusetts. She speaks around the world on the impact of violence, media and other societal issues on children, families and schools, and is also a founding member of the CCFC (Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood) and TRUCE (Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children’s Entertainment).
  • Last Child in the Woods
    This book sparked a national movement, No Child Left Inside. The author's resource page has some simple family friendly ideas to keep you connected to the outdoors.
  • Lifeways of North America
    Lifeways is an innovative relationship-based vision for childcare and practical, hands-on programs for parents and grandparents to support and strengthen the growing child and family.
  • Oregon Environmental Council
    Local resource for information on maintaining environmentally sound places for children
  • Portland Children
    Facilitating interaction between the city and its children, families, and teachers.
  • Reggio Children
    International Center for the Defense and Promotion of the Rights and Potential of All Children. The main Reggio website and mother resource for information about the schools of Reggio Emilia
  • Unconditional Parenting
    Moving from punishments and rewards to love and reason.
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